I have a number of personal websites that I host. All on a single raspberry pi 3 B +. An amazing computer for the size and price. All of these sites were hand coded using BBedit up until 2008 and continuing with Coda since then. They use MySQL for a back end database, PHP and Apache 2.0.

The Movie Geek:
A list of every movie I have ever scene with short review.

A collection of snide, sarcastic and curmudgeonly quotes.

My personal information organizer. Keeps track of appointments, contacts, photographs and all sorts of other fun information.

Prairies and Plains:
A bibliography of materials relating to the region called the Great Plains and to the tallgrass prairies that touch the Plains. A project I developed with my father.

Suzy and Chris:
My families personal website. Since the advent of Facebook back in 2008, that has taken the place of most of this. But we keep it on-line for historical purposes.